About Us

S.Y Zandberg is one of the leading companies in Israel for clean room construction, roll/move in process equipment to the clean room and for process piping installation.

It was established in 1985 as a partnership by Sami and Yossi Zandberg.

The company gains its experience from dozens of projects during the years, special on the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The company has the following expertise:

  • Process piping
    1. High and Low purity PVDF
    2. High and Low purity PP
    3. PVC and CPVC
    4. High and Low purity stainless steel tubing
    5. Carbon steel, all schedules
  • Erection of Bulk Chemical Delivery Systems, RODI and waste systems.
  • High vacuum and exhaust piping
  • Clean room architecture, ceiling grids & filters
  • Raised Metal Floor
  • Clean Room walls and partitions
  • Process equipment roll into clean room, positioning, aligning and fixing it
  • Ability to perform quality and safely works during construction of new plant, tool install and at live plant.
  • Steel works

The main asset of the company is our personnel.
It is professional, experienced, dedicated and qualified.

The company, currently employees 100 workers, managed by a core of people with years of experience in complicated projects.

S.Y Zandberg performs its works in the most safely and quality manner with achieving the scheduled targets.

We are proud of our customers. Whatever it is semiconductor, pharmaceutical; we cooperate and support to achieve mutual benefits.